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Support Services

All of our classes are free, available on-line and can be done at your convenience.

When you have completed the designated courses you will receive FREE gifts to help you prepare for your new arrival.  

A Pregnancy Center Consultant will walk with you through each phase of your course work and your pregnancy.


On-line Preparing for Baby Courses 


First Trimester Courses:

o   Your First Trimester

o   Prenatal Care

o   Eating for Two

o   Emotions of Pregnancy

o   What is safe during pregnancy?


We have a new diaper bag full of all the necessities as our gift to you for completing these courses.


Second Trimester Courses

o   Your Second Trimester

o   Unborn Babies’ Secret World

o   Bonding with your Unborn Baby

o   Infant Expectations

o   Infant Temperament


Let us shower you with baby clothes and more for completing these courses.

Third Trimester Courses:

o   Your Third Trimester

Getting Ready: Nesting

o   Eye Contact Means Love

o   The Importance of Bonding

o   Infant Hygiene


Bring your baby safely home in a new car seat by completing these courses

On-line Labor and Delivery Courses


We offer Labor and Delivery courses to help you prepare for the arrival of your bundle of joy.

Being prepared for labor and delivery can make your big day less stressful.




o  Labor 101:  Intro and Options

o  Labor 101:  Interventions & Labor

o  Labor 101:  Moving Through Labor

o  Labor 101:  What to expect

o  Labor 101:  Infant Care

o  Caring for Yourself after Birth

Postpartum Depression


At the completion of the courses you will be gifted with diapers and wipes or educational toys and books.

From Pregnancy to Parenting

On-line Courses


Newborn Courses:

o   Infant Care

o   Understanding your Infant

o   Infant Nutrition

o   Newborn and sickness

o   Infant Expectations 0-3 months

o   Getting your baby to sleep


First 3 Months Courses:

o   Infant Expectations 3-6 months

o   Crying

o   SIDS

o   Infant and Child CPR

o   Quality Childcare

o   Car Seat Safety


Six to 12 Months Courses:

o   Infant Expectations 6-9 months

o   Infant Expectations 9-12 months

o   Immunizations

o   Baby on the Move

o   Being a Super Mom


Toddler 12- 18 Months Courses:

o   Toddler Mommy Milestones

o   Toddler Developmental Milestones 12- 15 Months

o   Toddler Developmental Milestones 15- 18 Months

o   Sleeping, Bedtimes, Mornings

o   Bonding with your Toddler

o   The Importance of Words


Toddler 18- 24 Months Courses:

o   Toddler Developmental Milestones 18- 24 Months

o   Tantrums

o   Whining

o   Time with Toddler

o   Toddler Illness

o   Toddler Nutrition

o   Toddler Oral Health


Toddler 24- 36 Months Courses:

o   Toddler Developmental Milestone 24- 36 Months

o   Potty Training

o   I Can Do It Myself

o   Toddler Play

o   Toddler Accidents

o   Toddler Safety


At the completion of each age range of courses you can receive free diapers and wipes or educational toys and books




What if she's pregnant?

The possibility of pregnancy can be shocking, scary, and stressful. It is common to react with the idea that “this cannot be happening to me” and shut down or lash out. If this happened to you, the first step may be to apologize. Only then can you begin to work through the options together. Remember you are not alone! This is a situation many men have found themselves in. Here are a few things that may be helpful while trying to process the information.

  • Anger and fear are normal – It is ok to feel these things, she probably is too. Express yourself honestly and in a calm way to your partner. This will allow you to both be on the same page when deciding on a next step.

  • Talk about it – over the next few days and weeks continue to discuss how a pregnancy will effect both of you and what options that each of you feel comfortable with.

  • Think about it – this is not a time to make quick decisions. After each time you talk, take a minute to yourself to sit down and process what was said. Doing this may bring more clarity to the options that you are choosing.

  • Listen – it is easy to focus on your feelings and desires, but this is not a time to think only of what you want. Listen to her. Her body is going through a multitude of changes physically, chemically and emotionally. She needs your support now more than ever.

Though you each have time to gather accurate information about options, a decision will ultimately have to be made. It is important for you to be involved in that process. You will have to be comfortable with the final outcome of abortion, parenting, or adoption. Sometimes it is beneficial to discuss things with someone who is outside of the situation. At The Pregnancy Center Oxford you both can come sit down and talk with a team specialist about your options, gather information, and receive support in the decision making process. No matter what the outcome, we strive to provide relevant information and support every step of the way.

Note: Every person should be able to express their opinion, but no one should ever feel forced into making a decision.

We Support Students

How will I finish school? How am I going to tell my parents? What if my partner and I aren't together anymore? How can I afford a baby? How am I supposed to take care of a baby?

We understand that students have a unique set of challenges and concerns when faced with an unexpected pregnancy. You are likely dealing with a wide range of emotions and have probably asked yourself a few of the questions mentioned above.

At the Pregnancy Center of Oxford, we are fully equipped to help students by discussing ALL of your options and by giving you the information you need to make the best decision possible for you. WE INFORM. YOU DECIDE.

Free and Confidential

All of our services at the Pregnancy Center of Oxford are completely FREE of charge. We offer pregnancy testing, limited OB ultrasounds, and many other support services.

All of our services are offered in strict confidentiality. It will be up to you to disclose your pregnancy whenever you are ready - no matter how old you are.

Post-Abortion Support


If you or someone you know regrets a past abortion decision, we offer a Support Group. It is a non-judgmental, confidential place to share our stories and emotions, led by women who can relate because they have been there too.


We also offer a Bible Study called 
Forgiven and Set Free: A Post-Abortion Bible Study


If you are interested in attending our support group or our Forgiven and Set Free Bible Study, please complete the form and someone will contact you.

Call the Pregnancy Center at 662-234-4414.




Student Health Services

Address:V.B. Harrison Building
First Floor
400 Rebel Drive
University, MS 38677


Hours of Operation:Monday - Thursday 8am-5pm
Friday 9am-5pm



Lafayette County Health Department

Address:101 Veterans Drive
Oxford, MS 38655


Hours of Operation:Monday 8am - 5pm
Tuesday - Closed
Wednesday 8am - 5pm
Thursday - Closed
Friday 8am - 5pm
Saturday - Closed
Sunday - Closed


Oxford Medical Ministries Clinic

Address:1007 - 1 North Lamar Blvd
Oxford, MS 38655


Hours of Operation:Friday 8am - 5pm



Oxford WIC Center

Address:161 Country Road 401
Oxford, MS 38655


Hours of Operation:Monday 8am-5pm
Tuesday 8am-5pm
Wednesday 10am-5pm
Thursday 8am-5pm
Saturday - Closed Sunday - Closed


Oxford Food Pantry

All- volunteer organization that provides a family in need with a one-week supply of food and staples; screaning and food distribution every Wednesday and Thursday.

Address:713 Molly Barr Road
Oxford, MS 38655


Hours of Operation:Wednesday 9am - 11am (under 65 years old)
Thursday 9am - 11am (65 years and older)



Love Packs

Serving Oxford and Lafayette School districts. The packs are filled with non-perishable food items and are discreetly slipped into the children's backpack on Friday before they leave for home. Contact child's teacher or school counselor if interested.



Doors of Hope Transition Ministries

Doors of Hope Transition Ministries helps homeless families become self-sufficient in society by helping them overcome problems that are interfering with self-sufficiency. They provide shelter for 4 to 6 months along with financial planning, educational, guidence and assistance in employment, life skills, medical and dental care, and permanent housing.

Address:924 Van Buren Avenue (First Presbyterian Church) 
Oxford, Mississippi 38655




LIFT Community Service in Oxford, MS is a private company categorized under Human Services Organizations.

Address:505 Heritage Drive
Oxford, MS 38655



Domestic Violence

Oxford Shelter: Domestic Violence Project, Inc.

Address:P.O. Box 286
Oxford, MS 38655


See also: Mississippi Coalition Against Domestic Violence



The United Way of Oxford & Lafayette County

The mission of The United Way of Oxford and Lafayette County is to improve lives and meet community needs by uniting people and resources.

Address:440 N Lamar Blvd., Ste 5
Oxford, MS 38655



The Exchange Club

The Exchange Club Family Center improves the quality of life for at-risk families by breaking the cycle of child abuse and neglect through prevention, intervention, and educational services as well as replace abusive behavior with effective skills for responsible parenting in the areas of child abuse, teen pregnancy, and anger management.

Fred Johnson, Executive Director

Address:106 Skyline Drive / P.O. Box 1841
Oxford, MS 38655



Interfaith Compassion Ministry

Interfaith Compassion Ministry assists individuals and families through crisis situations by providing for their basic needs: food, shelter, utilities, medications, and transportation.

Lena Wiley, Executive Director

Address:1918 University Avenue
Oxford, MS 38655


Family Crisis Services of Northwest Mississippi, Inc.

It is a comprehensive victim service organization providing advocacy services to survivors of sexual assault, child abuse, homicide, domestic violence, and family violence.

Address:P.O. Box 1698
Oxford, MS 38655


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